Piccadilly Theatre Seat Chart and Guide

The Piccadilly Theatre was originally used as a cinema, meaning that sight-lines throughout the auditorium are very good. The house is moderately sized, with around 1200 seats across three levels. Each section provides good views of the stage, with minimal restrictions throughout.

The Stalls

The Stalls section is the closest seating area to the stage. There is no central aisle, so the section exists as one large block. The seats are gently raked from Row A towards the rear, giving clear views over the audience in front. This rake does level off at the very back of the section, and views become less clear, along with the overhang from the level above. Despite the length of each row, the view from aisle seats is very good, with only a small part of the stage lost due to the angle. Seats are on the whole very comfortable, with good legroom throughout. The overhang from the Circle above begins to affect the view from Row N, and the very top of the stage becomes cut off.

The Royal Circle

This is the first level above the Stalls, but doesn't feel particularly high. Because of the height of the stage you feel at a level with the action. There is a small safety rail at the bottom of each set of steps, which can restrict the view from the first two rows. Seats towards the ends of each row curve, giving a slightly side-on view of the stage. The overhang of the level above begins to obstruct the top of the stage from row G and back, with the final row often being discounted because of this. Overall this section is an excellent place to sit to feel involved with the show.

The Grand Circle

The Grand Circle is similar is size and shape to the Royal Circle, but is higher and further back from the stage. There are three different price brackets in this section, with the front being the most expensive and the rear the cheapest. There is a safety rail that can obstruct the view from the first row and from seats along the aisles. The section feels quite high and is well raked, looking down directly at the stage. Legroom is average at this level.


Where are the best seats for children at the Piccadilly Theatre?

Children are usually happiest when they have a clear view of the stage and feel comfortable. The Royal Circle provides excellent overall views of the stage. A limited number of booster cushions are available by asking a member of the theatre staff.

Where are the Restricted View seats?

Box A and C are marked as Restricted View in the Royal Circle. No other seats in the auditorium are marked as restricted, instead there are three different prices as well as Premium seats. The front row and final two rows of the Stalls are reduced in price, as well as the final three rows of the Grand Circle.

What if I am hard of sight or hearing?

The theatre is fitted with a Sennheiser MobileConnect WiFi sound amplification system, which uses WiFi to deliver the audio to a smart device. Devices can be borrowed from the theatre or patrons can download the app to use their own. Induction Loop necklaces are also available for patrons with hearing aids. Guide dogs are welcome in parts of the auditorium, or can be looked after by a member of the management.

How many steps are there in the theatre?

The main foyer is accessed by 1 step up from street level. There is a step free level access to the theatre from Sherwood Street, which also has ramp access to the Royal Circle. From the foyer the Stalls are 15 steps down, with 28 steps up to the Royal Circle and 70 up to the Grand Circle.

Where are the toilets located?

Male and Female toilets are located at each level of the theatre and throughout the auditorium. There is an access toilet located on the Royal Circle level next to the boxes.

Where are the bars located?

There are bars on all levels of the auditorium, with a piano bar on the Royal Circle level. Bars are not accessible, but drinks can be brought to audience members in the Royal Circle.

Are there wheelchair facilities in the theatre?

There are three wheelchair spaces available for use at each performance, all located in the Royal Circle. One is in Row A and the other two are in Box C, which includes companion seats. Transfer seating is available to Row A, Seat Seat 28.